Face and Shoulder Massaging

When we think of parts of our body that carry tension our faces hold equally as much tension, but often get neglected when it comes time to pamper.

Benefits of a face and shoulder massage are, that it helps to increase blood flow, thereby improving blood circulation. Better circulation pumps blood through the areas of your face, whisking away any impurities (or dirts), and improving skin condition, can also improve muscle tone and gives juvenile feeling.

face and shoulder massageThe added benefits are relieving migraine, premenstrual syndrome, stress, and headaches. Along with the face, the shoulders also carries considerable tension.

Almost all daily activities such as working on a computer, writing, driving, cycling, and walking cause the muscles of the shoulders to get overly stressed. This problem can be compounded due to daily tensions.

Shoulder massage provides deep relaxation to the stressed shoulder muscles and associated neck regions, stimulates the flow of blood, and improves the functioning of the nervous system. Shoulder massage stimulates the release of endorphins. In addition, it is an excellent stress remover and can make you feel relaxed and recharged.

Starting the massage with face and neck and finishing with shoulders, will make you completely relaxed and the muscle tension greatly reduced.

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